Yew Wood Products

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Root/stump section, salvaged from logging slash pile in May. This stump measures 10" on the face and spreads 22" wide by 27" high. There is a slight amount decay in interior core but otherwise solid.

Limb wood sections can be cut to order from green or dead wood. Special shapes can be requested such as "Y's", "L's", "S's", and arches.

Sometimes called burl, pip, or bearded. These pieces all came from the same log and measure up 2"x10"x48" of character on the two larger pieces. The smaller pieces are generally 1" thick. They are unusually light colored for Yew but I suspect will darken slightly over time.

These two tops are available and custom sizes can be located including full size trees.

Hobby wood bundles:

The shorter bundle has .25"-.50" thin strips in  lengths between 21-27'', it is priced at 15$.

The other bundle of similar strips varies from 32-42'' in length and is priced at 30$.

Turning stock: 1 1/5'' square cut to order, the pieces shown are varied lengths the shortest being 14''.