Getting the Yew to you!

Let's talk about Yew

When you get to talking about Pacific yew there are a couple words that frequent your discussions, tough and hard. Tough to find, hard to cut, tough to recover wood from during milling, hard to plane and sand are some good examples. But on the flip side there are some other words that come up also. Rich texture, deep contrasting colors, beautiful grain pattern, strong, flexible, decay resistant, all accurately describe this wood. To learn more about this tree try some of the following web search key words:

  • Taxol
  • English Long bow
  • Taxus brevifolia
  • Ichii Ittobori (Japanese yew wood carving)
  • The purpose of this website and the objective of Yew Wood, LLC is to connect the artist and craftspeople with Pacific yew materials. The material is out there but it has a lot of factors working against it when trying to get it in the hands of people that wish to unlock its beauty. My job is to overcome those barriers and deliver the best quality Yew logs at a reasonable price.

    Posts and pole

    Small Diameter Material

    Post and poles of 8-14 foot lengths are available in a variety of conditions. Some are best used for fence post while many have the potential to be used structurally. If there is strict specification for your project give us a chance to locate it for you.

    Raw logs

    Large Diameter Material

    Raw logs greater than 6 inches at the small end and 6 feet or longer fall into two categories.

    Saw logs have a reasonable, by Yew standards that is, amount lumber that can be recovered. They are seldom completely free of rot and defect.

    Live edge logs are structurally sound enough to recover thick slab live edge lumber with the emphasis on character.

    Turning Blanks and Milling

    Blanks for carving and turning are available on hand and cut to order. We have access to a mill and can mill Yew logs to your specifications as needed. Tell us what you are looking for and we can cut it for you. Although highly capable and trainable were are not experts at milling or carving. We will do our best to get you what you are looking for in these areas.

    Milled boards, chainsaw blocks (waxed) and beams